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Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Rooter

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

How to Look After Your Rooter

If you have just invested in a rooter, the following tips will prove useful when it comes to the maintenance and cleaning of it.

Protecting the Cable

As the business end of rooters is exposed to everything in a drainpipe, it will often require replacement after a few months of use, or it could last up to a year. This will depend on how much they are used. So consider using a product to protect the cable, this will prevent rust, cut through moisture, and covers odors that come from being pushed into filthy drains. Apply the oil generously with a rag, then once the cable is wound, spray more into the drum to ensure it is fully covered. After the new cable is used, you should apply oil at least once a week, or after every use.

Wiping it Clean

The process of clearing drains provides cables with an initial rinse, as the clean water that is used to flush the drain once the blockage is broken up cleans everything in the drainpipe. However, this rarely removes all of the gunk, and water clinging to the cable will pool in the drum and result in the rooter rusting. Apart from shortening the lifespan of the cable, rust will also create a mess. So consider holding a rag loosely around the cable while retrieving the snake, as this stops water from entering the drum.

Looking for Wear and Tear While Using The Snake

The lifespan of the cable varies greatly, this is usually coiled within a drum or extended into a drainpipe, thus preventing prime opportunities for a visual inspection. So make sure to watch the spin of the cable: Fluctuations in the cable up to an inch are normal, more than this indicates wear. When the wave reaches 2 to 3 inches of movement, you need to replace it.

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